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                  Auditions will be held for xTend 2019 in early February. BDS will be running 2 xTend groups in 2019.
Students need to be Year 5 upwards to audition in 2019.
Contact Miss Katrina for details and to register your interest.



xTend students’ technique, performance quality, flexibility, strength, discipline and commitment to dance.

xTend our young teachers in their choreography, teaching methods, costuming and creativity

xTend as a dance school our understanding and knowledge of dance in this day, which continues to grow and change rapidly through participation in a broader range of performance opportunities. E.g. eisteddfods, dance festivals and community events.

xTend will not only benefit the students accepted into the company initially, but will encourage students with the passion to excel in dance to continue to work hard and strive to win a place in the xTend Company.

Through xTend you will be able to represent our school on a larger stage.



xTend auditions will be open to students from Year 5 onwards in 2019.  We envisage a senior and junior company again this year. Students need to attend classes with Barker Dance in 2019 to be eligible for audition.  All students with a passion to further their dance skills and experience are encouraged to audition, as this is also an important lesson that students going into the dance world will need to master. Unsuccessful students will be given feedback and encouraged to work hard to utilize strengths and improve on weaknesses.

Further opportunities to join xTend may arise throughout the year.



Assets we will be looking for:

·    Strong performance quality

·     Strength and technique

·    Flexibility

·    Commitment

·    Positive attitude

·    Love of Dance


Costs involved: Costumes and eisteddfod fees.   One intensive class a week envisaged.  
Class costs will depend upon amount of classes student is enrolled in 2018.


Students interested in auditions for xTend should register by email.





Glenbrook, Nsw
Lower Blue Mountains
Phone:  02 47391902
Mobile:  0421 118 018 

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